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Thread: Firewire HDD

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    Firewire HDD

    I have:
    PCMIA Firewire + USB2 Card
    Maxtor 160GB Firewire/USB HDD (External)
    Mandrake 10

    Both work together with windows, so it's not hardware

    I have a mouse plugged into the PCMIA card, so it works with linux (at least USB does)

    The HDD will connect to a USB2 port in the back of my computer, but I need both of those, so I can't exactly do that

    When I start it up, the HDD shows up (/mnt/removable), but when I click into that nothing shows up...

    I have searched, and found, forget which, but that seems a little over my head (i'm a newbie)


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    try opening a shell and logging in as root, then acessing the drive by
    cd /mnt/removable
    Also, is the drive in a linux readable FS? if its in ntfs, it might be a little sketchy, and your kernel might not have support for it installed.
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    hi palmem,

    same problem here, did you manage to work it out? how?

    FS in my drive is NTFS, but there is no problem in reading that as I have a windows partition with the same FS and I can access it.

    I'm a newbie too, so ANY help would be really appreciated.

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    Already tried loggin in as root and checking it out...

    It's FAT32


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    no Firewire for a USB/Firewire device either

    I have a very similar problem with my firewire devices. I have an external drive that has both firewire and USB connection. The system doesn't respond at all when I plug into either the computer's firewire or mini firewire ports but the drive pops right up when connected with USB. The drive is formatted Fat 32 and I acess it from both windows and Apple machines via firewire. And the windows Boot is on the same box as the linux so I know those same firewire ports work under windows.

    I'm a linux noob, and have just installed Mandriva 2007 a few days ago to check it out for potential freevo use.

    any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I also am trying to switch from mirroed multiple displays to separate but I'll post about that elsewhere.


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