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    How to install programs on Linux

    I am totally new to Linux and I am trying to install the CodeBlocks IDE. I have figured out how to "untar" my binary installation file, but that only gives me a folder with about 7 files that have a .deb extension on them. How do I execute or install these files? Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Check this HowTo for instructions on installing software under Linux a number of different ways:

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    Hmmm, I actually have several .deb files that were "untarred." I don't think I saw anything about these kind of files in that help link. Is there another help source that can help me understand how to install these .deb files? Thanks.

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    You can use dpkg to install them, or at least you could if you were using a Debian based distro. Unfortunately Mandriva is rpm based and doesn't use that format. You may be able to convert them using a tool called alien but this will only convert the packages, you may find other incompatibilites if it was built for a Debian system.

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    You shouldn't have to use .deb files, since there are packed for Debian based distributions. Mandriva is a Red Hat based distro, so its packages are .rpm -s.
    Please visit: Easy Urpmi
    and add package sources to your system. After that in rpmdrake you can add as many programs as you want to. This is the Mandriva way.
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    and codeblocks is in the Mandriva repos.

    Installing and removing software - Mandriva Community Wiki


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    Do you all know a good free C programming IDE for Mandriva?

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    try eclipse with plugin

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