I put mcnlive on a flash drive just to try it out, I normally use Pclinux, I like the look of McnLive, it works good on my desktop, but on the laptop it appears that there is no power to the pcmcia slot. I use a sprint mobile broadband card for internet, it works fine on the desktop, but on my laptop the light on the card does not come on like there is no power on to the device. is there a command line command to turn on the card slot power?

thats what I like about pclinux, everything seems to work, I have tried puppy linux, didnt like it, pclinux minime is ok, but like regualr pclinux better, Mcnlive, I like the look and feel, but has little bugs...maybe my original choice is still the best for me. Im sure I will try others still, its fun to try different versions to see what they are like!