Hi All,

I just installed Mandriva 2008 Spring on my laptop. Everything is fine except for one minor, but excruciating, problem. I have a large volume GUI in the middle of my screen. Here are some of things that I have tried to get rid of it:
-added myself to audio and other groups related to sound
-quit KMix (starts back immediately)
-kill pid of Kmix as myself and as root (starts back immediately)
-reconfigured hardware associated with sound
-set different output sources in KMix
-changing the volume (to no avail, it goes straight back to 0 and the GUI is still there)

I don't know what's causing the GUI or how to make it disappear. I created an incident of this problem on the Mandriva site as well, so I hope I'm not cross-posting. But, I'm stuck and I was so looking forward to using Mandriva again. I currently use Kubuntu and openSUSE at home on two different computers, but I thought I'd give Mandriva a try.

Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.