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    Premissioon problems with my external harddrive and Linux can't see my two Cd-drives

    Hello everybody,

    It seems that Mandriva doesn't see my CD-Drives, however whenever I want to burn a DVD through K3B It is accessible. Otherwise I can't access or see it through Konqueror.

    In addition I have some permission problems, I can't access my external hard drive, whenever I connect it to PC. It says "Feature only available with HAL". I have no clue how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    As far as the CD drives are concerned, have you tried opening the Mandriva control centre (menu -> tools -> system tools -> configure your computer), going to the hardware tab on the left, and clicking on "Browse and Configure hardware". That will list all the hardware that mandriva recognises. I guess if you can use the drives in K3B, then they will be in that list - but there might be some error you can look at, or Mandriva might think they're a slightly different model*.

    With regard to permissions for the external hard drive, I'm not certain about the HAL error, but permissions can usually be found in /etc/fstab. That's a text file called "fstab" saved in the directory /etc. If you can copy and paste the contents of that file when the drive is plugged in to the forum, it might help.


    *E.g. if you have a Logitech foo DVD drive, but Mandriva thinks it's a Logitech bar DVD drive, Mandriva will have loaded the wrong driver. It will probably be quite similar, so you may be able to do some things, but not others. Hence, perhaps, being able to use K3B but not Konqueror.
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