Now sure how it happened, but I got KDE Control Center to work. I installed the kdelib like you said, couldn't find the other packages using the GUI form so I tried terminal again and my system froze. I restarted to find the desktop completely different. I tried "kcontrol" in terminal and sure enough, KDE center came up. I guess I just needed to reboot. Now, here's another issue extended from the theme manager. How do I install the themes? I've been to Appearance and Themes, then to Theme Manager and click Install New Theme... but when I search the doesn't show anything in the folder from when I extracted the .tar.gz file. I tried leaving the .tar.gz file alone and installing it that way..either way it doesn't see any files...just empty folders when searching using the manager. What am I doing wrong? Is there yet another package to install? Amazing how there can be so many packages, dependencies and extra files needed to just run 1 program.