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    Nvidia Card & Mandriva

    Sorry for having two thread's open, but both are different problems on different pc's, lol.

    This problem is on my Desktop.

    I installed Mandriva to a new Partition on my Drive, installed great, dual boots with Win XP or Linux perfectly.

    After install of Mandriva i noticed the graphics on it were very grainy, so i thought it might not have detected my Video Card properly. And sure enough it did not.

    I have a 256mb Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 in it, along with the on board graphics chip which i do not use.

    I am wondering how i can install the proper drivers for my video card? I tried putting in the disk that came with my video card but it does not do any thing, i think it only runs on Windows probably.

    Any ideas of what i can do to get it to install the proper drivers for my video card?


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    I think there are quite a few howtos out there regarding this topic, but I can repeat it in short here

    1. Go to Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers and find your specific card. Download!

    2. Go to init 1 (su a shell and type init 1)

    3. type in sh (replace with the correct name - and path!)

    4. follow the instructions

    5. when finished - reboot or do a ctrl-alt-backspace

    6. Hopefully you'll get the NVIDIA logo. You should now have the correct drivers with all the good stuff.

    Good luck!


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    Nvidia Geforce 9500M GS

    Hey linuxfreaks

    I know that there are few problems with new nvidia and not only adapters...

    i searched a LOT untill i found this HELPFULL url that supports almost EVERY Nvidia Adapter and believe me 9500M GS was the toughest!

    So, here you go

    Dont mind that 'ubuntu thinggie' it worked for me on Mandriva which was the dist that i had the major xgl (GL) probblem/issue.


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