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    Dual Operating System

    I want to install dual operating system. Windows Vista 64 bit and Mandriva Linux 2007. Can anyone tell me step by step procedure. as i did not familiar to install linux.

    I have core 2 duo processor with 4 partition of 40 gb each on harddrive. I dont want to install linux on virtual machine.

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    welcome to the world of Linux

    before starting u ll hv to check if all your partitions are formatted for Windows(check this in ur control panel)
    if u hv any unformatted space on any hard drive (min 10 GB)
    u are ready to go
    1go to ur bios settings and select 'boot from cd/dvd'
    2.insert the install cd in ur drive and restart the pc
    3.follow the instructions and install linux in the unformatted space

    however it is most likely that all ur hard drives are Windows formatted, u will have to use a utility like Partition magic or G-Parted(free) to resize ur partitions
    i suggest that u refer to one of the many linux ebooks avalble for free on the net(Linux for Dummies is the easiest to understand)
    pls do not rush thru the instructions as u can end up wiping out ur windows installation

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Dual-booting between Linux and Windows can be set up pretty much automatically during the Linux installation routine with most distributions these days.

    Just boot the Mandriva CD/DVD as suggested above and follow the guided installation routine to get it all configured. You can follow this HowTo to make sure you properly download the ISO file, burn it to disk as an image, and then boot with the newly created installation disk:

    Have fun with Linux, and do post back should you run into any issues.

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    To the best of my knowledge, the replies you've received so far are correct but I would add the following:

    .1. Set as much HD space aside for Linux as you can. I say this as once you start to use Linux, you will find yourself using Linux more and more; MS/WinXX less and less.

    .2. When allocating HD space for Linux, once you're sure as to how much HD space you want to allocate to MS/WinXX, use that auto function for allocating the balance of the HD space for Linux. It'll save you a "ton of time and trouble" trying to do it manually - and it'll be done right.

    .3. FIRST OF ALL but by no means the least, BACKUP all of the files you value which you've generated by way of MSWinXX .

    Hope this helps

    PS / Welcome to thw world of Linux!

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