I have a P4 2Ghz PC, WITH 512 mb PC 2100 DDR RAM. I had Mandrake Linux 9.2 working as a dual boot with XP ever since 9.0 came out without a glitch. Then I upgraded to 9.1 then to 9.2 then to 10.0 and still no problems. All worked great for the longest time. Then I moved (had a moving company move me about 500 miles) and Linux will not boot. XP works fine but not Linux. I thought the boot sector may somehow have gotten damaged so I did an upgrade from the 10.0 disks and re-set it all up, and all looked great till I re-booted. I get the boot menu, but when Linux goes to start it has major Kernal panic attacks, and won't compleat the boot. I tried wiping out the Linux partitions and remaking, and re-formating them and re-installing 9.2, and when I re-boot I get the same thing Major Kernal panic attacks. I booted from the XP disk and from the consol repair ran fixboot and fixmbr, then wiped out the Linux partitions and remade, formated, and re-installed Mandrake Linux 10.0 again and still the same. Why!!!!!! It worked before why not now. I have lately been experiencing the odd time in XP where Explorer crashes and can't read a particular block of memory. Is this an isue of Ram going bad? Can this be causing the Linux boot problem? I've exhausted my level of Linux knowledge and can't get it to work. HELP!!!!! ANYONE!!!!! Email me at robert21bulley@mts.net if you have any answers please!!!