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    Question Global access to downloads?

    How can a download be available for all users? In this case a game called Hangaroo.
    Mandriva 2009 Free. In mac it's easy, just use admin acct. drag and drop into apps area.

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    Is it just downloads/dir in general ?

    login a terminal as root (su) then..

    cd /home

    mkdir DIRname

    chmod 755 DIRname for read only access
    chmod 777 DIRname for world access

    If its the game you want others to be able to use, then install as the root user.



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    Post posting my goofs so u all may learn with newb

    [bill@localhost ~]$ su
    [root@localhost bill]# cd/home
    bash: cd/home: No such file or directory
    [root@localhost bill]# install hangaroo
    install: missing destination file operand after `hangaroo'
    Try `install --help' for more information.
    [root@localhost bill
    bash: install--help: command not found
    [root@localhost bill]#
    __________________________________________________ ______________
    As you see not a clue to what I'm doing. Yes what I meant by "global" was all users on my computer.

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    Ok first you need a space between cd and /home.
    Copy and paste the code in a terminal, that should be easier for you.

    Is the file hangaroo a rpm or another extension eg "hangaroo.rpm"?
    if it is a rpm use this command in the directory it resides
    login as root then

    urmpi hangaroo.rpm
    If not a rpm tell us what the extension is!

    For a world access directory use this code, again as root user!

    cd /home
    mkdir dirname
    chmod 777 dirname
    dirname been what you want to call the directory!

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