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    internet start up script failure

    Hi all I am new to this forum but not completely new to linux, I know the basics and I am getting to know my way around the inner workings as I go. Normally if i get a problem I keep at it so that I find my own solutions I finf this much more beneficial in the long run. but on this occossion I have hit a dead end, i have tried google, how tos etc with no luck.

    I have just reloaded mandrake 9 Kernel 2.4.19-16 mdk with bc gcc and make all installed ( as this routine does not seem to work on this modem if not )

    I have a dreaded alcatel 330 v4 modem on broadband which I have got up running no problem using the script and microcode. I have configured it to auto start on boot which is where the problem starts.

    After booting up I go to use the internet but no connection is present
    I go to the mandrake services and check to see if it is running which it is not, I go to start the connection and recieve the following message

    "/etc/init.d/speedtouch:line 60:/lib/lsb/init-functions:no such file or directory"

    I have looked at all of the relevent speedtouch files following this message and path but with no obvious reason as to what the problem is. I have read the sepedtouch log where the message is also present.

    I have checked the speedtouch config files to check everything is in order and it all looks fine. the only way to get it running again is by re running the script and re loading the drivers again . but as soon as I shutdown and reboot its back to square one.

    I know cable and a router is the way to go, but I still need to use this if I can for the time being.

    I have now got to the stage where i cannot see the wood for the trees. so if anyone out there has any ideas I would be very grateful for your time.



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    maybe you could set up init to run and load the drivers at boot-up, or something like that.or put it in your .bash_profile.
    just a thought?

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    I would agree, simply adding a bash script that does that everytime you boot would be a simply work around. Unfortunetly I cannot offer you much more than that. A point to make, you will rarely need to reboot, most linux users only do so when they have compiled a new kernel. Its likely that this will prove a minor incovenience. Another possiblilty would be to upgrade the kernel, that can solve many a problem with devices.
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    Cheers for that one guys, suddenly a thing called logic has sprung into life, and the wood is now very much in sight. thanks


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