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    What do you think about Mandriva??


    I've been using Ubuntu on and off for a few months now, slowly working away from Windows and really like it. I'm thinking about trying another distro to compare, maybe Mandriva. Apart from the desktop I'd be interested in hearing what you like about Mandriva as opposed to other distros


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    What do you think about Mandriva??
    It's free for the download, so I think that anyone who might have an interest in Mandriva should download and try it. A blank disk isn't all that expensive, and the time you spend working with it will only help you to better understand Linux, and Mandriva in particular.

    In my opinion, it's good to experiment with various distributions to see how they work.

    Hope you have fun with it should you try it.

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    There is no doubt that KDE4 is really cool, certainly much cooler than GNOME.
    But that is the environment, not the distro.
    I used 6 versions of Windows and Ubuntu, and finally settled on a good OS that I really like. And Mandriva it is.
    I can't compare it to other distros, simply because I haven't used them enough, but compared to Windows.... Mandriva is the hands-down winner.
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    I am not exactly new to linux, not exactly a "seasoned" user also... but back in 2001 I have tried a mandrake ( I can't remember what version number), I like the environment, much as I would love to play around with linux during that old days, my excitement in linux seemed to be limited, because I was not able to connect to the internet.

    Broadband was not available in my country during that time, in addition to that winmodem not being friendly with linux so I was not able to play with linux that much. So I had to be satisfied with ms windows.

    After 7 years lapse, after a few years of having broadband, on the 23/10/2008 I downloaded mandrake/mandriva(one 2009), run the liveCD, and I found that I am in love with mandrake this time, so I straightaway installed it. And succeeded in my first installation.

    I may noy be an experince user with linux, but I enjoy learning new things of it.

    Mandriva is the one. Easy to install, easy to use.

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