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    Prelude: I am a Linux newbie, still groping in the dark.
    I am running Mandriva 2009 KDE4.
    At home I have a network with:
    Windows XP
    Ubuntu (Intrepid Ibex) GNOME.
    The XP and Ubuntu are set up properly, sharing files and a printer on XP.
    Mandriva is not.
    Using SMB4K I was able to see the network, but only the XP. I cannot see Ubuntu from Mandriva. On the other hand, Ubuntu CAN see Mandriva.
    From Mandriva I can only mount file folders from the XP, I cannot mount the printer.
    So, how can I set it up so Mandriva can see Ubuntu too?
    How do I mount a printer on the XP computer to Mandriva?
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    I presume they have the same work group name assigned

    You need to tell smb4k the same (default is mandriva i believe)
    In smb4k
    settings>configure>samba tab

    For the printer open MCC (configure your computer)

    Hardware>set up printers. It will probably need to install cups to carry on if its not installed.

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