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    mandriva linux help

    someone has suggested me to use mandriva linux.
    i just want to know if its a good distribution ? we are a firm in software developement.
    will it be a good decesion to go for mandriva?
    thank you!

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    You will only know for sure after you try it yourself. Some like it, some don't, but it's really a personal decision that needs to be made by the individual user. You should be able to develop with it about as well as with any other distro.

    I used it back when it was still called Mandrake and liked it then, but haven't used it since the name was changed to Mandriva.

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    hey u are right buddy.
    thank you.

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    mandriva for s/w developement

    someone has suggested me to go for mandriva. we are in s/w developement.
    is it stable for the same?
    i am new to it.does it have the commonly required packages like yum. or we need to install them?
    we have fedora 8 on some machines..
    is mandriva better? if yes, how?
    pls reply.
    thank you.

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    It has similar software packages to other distros. It does not use yum for package management. It has its own tool called urpmi.

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    thanx buddy.
    but it asks me for some installation CDs when i try to install mysql.
    what may be the problem? please reply.
    thanx again.

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    There isn't a problem. It seems like some of your installation discs are being used as software repositories, so you just need to supply the correct disc. If you do not have them, you need to disable the cd/dvd option from your list of repositories (Mandriva control Centre -> Software -> Repositories). After disabling the cd/dvd make sure that you have enabled the various main, contrib, plf and updates repositories using the instructions from easyurpmi.

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