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    problems installing mysql

    i am trying to install mysql on mandriva using urpmi package.but it gives following message.

    [root@unknown00e04c106014 comp1]# urpmi.update -a
    urpmi database locked
    [root@unknown00e04c106014 comp1]#

    [root@unknown00e04c106014 comp1]# urpmi mysql
    urpmi database locked
    [root@unknown00e04c106014 comp1]#

    pls reply.. i am fed up.

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    You must have another package manager already running, like update manager, add/remove program, etc...So close anything that might be open.
    Linux doesn't let 2 package managers to work at once, in order to prevent system damage.

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    i have checked that out. no other package manager is running simultaneously.
    what shall be the problem?
    is there any way i can find these packages on internet?
    pls reply..
    thanx again.

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    If you are sure that you do not have another package management process running, try
    #rm /var/lib/urpmi/.LOCK /var/lib/rpm/RPMLOCK
    After that try to use urpmi again.

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    it gives following lines.

    [root@unknown00e04c106014 comp1]# rm /var/lib/urpmi/.LOCK /var/lib/rpm/RPMLOCK
    rm: cannot lstat `/var/lib/urpmi/.LOCK': No such file or directory
    rm: cannot lstat `/var/lib/rpm/RPMLOCK': No such file or directory
    [root@unknown00e04c106014 comp1]#

    how shall i disable cd/dvd rom media for installation?
    thanx again.

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