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    Kernel panic : No init found. Try passing init= option

    ok, i'm just booting my mandrake10 system and this happens:

    Kernel panic : No init found. Try passing init= option

    Currently i'm fixing my vga card, but without succes, hardware acceleration doesn't work with the ati drivers.

    so i'd connect my other hard-disk with windows and disconnect the one with mandrake.
    (on this hard-disk we're some drivers that i wanted to try...)

    now disconnecting my windows drive (burned the files on a cd) and connecting the linux drive again, this error appears...

    HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    need to play a war tonight (UT2004) but without linux and a good working driver (or configuration) i can't play

    In fact this topic contains 2 problems, 1: kernel panic, 2: vga driver not working

    system configuration:
    Mandrake10 (official)
    Amd Athlon3200+ (cpu)
    Asus a7n8x-e deluxe (mobo)
    Ati radeon 9600 256MB (vga)

    please help me, i would appreciate it

    kind regards,


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    ok kernel panic solved,

    i've switched the cd drive and the harddrive.
    so while booting mandrake, he was looking at the wrong drives (i assume)

    but my other problem isn't fixed that easy.
    how can i discover what's causing it?

    in glxgears my fps is:

    i'd read on a forum that if your fps is 800+ it's ok, but when i start glxgears it give a error:
    Xlib: extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0".

    that's why ut2004 won't start.
    but how to fix it?

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    end of story,

    it's sad but true, my ati card has passed out.

    i'm browsing this forum and suddenly al weird screens,
    i type in halt and pc is shutting down.

    press the powerbutton to start him up, says my motherboard ( yeah i know, but that's asus) failed vga test (3 or 4 times)

    so i'm going to the store in a few minutes and buy an nvidia (i'll get nvidia cards in 2minutes working on linux)

    thanks anyway

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