Hello, I need some help please. I am a newbie and I have been reading many forum, but can't find what I need. I will try my best to explain the problem as best as I can.

Problem 1. I have no USB support. My USB mouse will not work or my USB keyboard. I have plugged in a PS2 keyboard to try and move around and right now I don't have a PS2 mouse. Are there any keyboard shortcuts to make moving around in Mandrake easier?

Problem 2. I am not getting any internet connections. I have a adsl modem that is setup for bridged connect and I have a Linksys boardband router. I have selected the LAN DCHP service and I can't connect there, I also have tried selecting the ADSL DHCP and I still do not get a connection. I have rad many time to turn off the hotplugin for the DHCP, but I have no idea of how to do this.

I have installed Mandrake on hda0 and I have XP Pro on hda1, I am trying to use a linux operating system for added experience for college and also to help me build new cgi templates for my website.