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    gettin mandrake set up

    okay I got into kde and everythings fine and dandy except.....
    1)I dont no how to configure verizon dsl because I never got any info from them on dns servers and stuff like that it asks you in the wizard.
    2)My main sound output broke so I'm using one of the alternitive ones in a simulated surround. Is there any program in linux that runs in the background and simulates a virtual surround?
    3)I could figure this one out but I bet you people can answer much faster. In the pictures of mandrake how do you get transparency in windows and stuff like that? The pictures are much better then the default settings almost not even the same.Is there like a css sheet you edit or sumthin like that?

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    Hi alphadelta,

    1. What info do you need know? Most likely your cable modem takes care of that (at least mine does, RoadRunner)
    2. If you have sound, be happy. What do you mean your main sound output is broke? Can you please be a little more specific (post some error messages, what program is broke and which one are you using, alsa, etc... what's wrong with the one you're using, etc...)
    3. You can make the menu trasnparent only in certain styles in KDE. Go to start > configuration (or similar) > configure my desktop. Click on Look -n- Feel. You'll see you can change just about anything there. I think you change the transparency in task bar or maybe it's menu, I can't remember. Play here for a while, you can do some really neat things!

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