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    Angry GCC, Wine, i586/i686?

    Multiple issues, probably all created by the operator, but as I've never posted here before, I suppose I'm mostly looking for some help with Linux in general. Like I said, probably all just operator error.

    GCC - How in the hell do I install it? I'm running 2007.1, says that I use i586 RPMs, but I notice whenever I'm booting that its' callin' itself i686, what the hell? Random download of RPMs has worked... Sometimes.

    I'm running PenDrive Linux, essentially some sort of cracked out minimalist version for thumb drives, should just drop another (already have too) harddrive in this bloody laptop and download me an Ubuntu ISO, I know... (My preference, hardware capability, not knockin' Mandriva or anything, I'm relatively new to LINUX.)

    Also, since PenDrive is a persistent loop for file savin' and all of that great trash (actually behaves quite like a full installed savable files n' all that good trash) I need to go and make the loop file (save part) larger (I've a 4 gig Titanium SanDisk Cruiser to work with for christ sakes)... This is all so I can run Wine atop of all the rest of the turmoil I've got going on, so that I can in turn use telnet. Whos' idea was it to move everything to SSH anyway?

    I just want to try and play with the sacred MUD code and possibly make my own damn mud... Is that so much to ask for? Anyway, its' 2:17 in the morning, been beatin' my head against the touch screen (even more annoying than it sounds) and I'm about burnt out on it. Anyone know of easier free MUD bases to work with?

    Any help of any sort would be highly appreciated. Hell, you can even complain about my rant of a post n' I'd probably be great full that atleast someone read it.

    -S.H. Butler

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    Generally, rather than search the net for rpms, you should install through mandriva's package management system. For gcc, as root run:

    urpmi gcc

    urpmi gcc-cpp

    urpmi gcc-c

    (I'm pretty sure those are the names of the packages, I don't use mandriva so not sure. You can use "urpmq <search term> to query the repos.)

    Urpmi - Mandriva Community Wiki

    Pretty sure you can run telnet without wine, too. Mandriva should have packages for that.

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    *Nods.* Alrighty, that actually helps, a lot.

    Well... It is Mandriva, and it isn't, dunno why it likes RPMs so much.

    Anywho, thanks.

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