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    walk me through setting up an internet connection

    Okay not only am I a newb at linux but also networkin. This isnt a good combo when im tryin to set up internet in linux. First off I have verizon dsl (in pa if thats needed 4 any reason). Then I get the westell wirespeed modem with a linksys(model BEFW1154) connected through my computer via ethernet. Now as knowin a bit about windows I go into network connections and view the status of my connection I'm on now. It tells me ......

    Address type: assigned by DHCP
    IP address:
    subnet mask:
    default gateway:

    Knowing this I boot up my mandrake 9.0(yes outdated but I'm stuck with it untill I get a new cd burner) I go into the control panal thing and open up the network connections into the wizard.

    The wizard says...
    1) Connection type

    I check adsl and lan (I think)

    d)wirespeed usb or sumthin like that (I forget the exact item)

    3)Ask me if I have any other ethernet card things and I click no
    IP address(i put the internal ip or should I put the IP 2 my router (
    Netmask: I'm assuming this is
    Auto IP should I click this or not
    5)Ask me my hostname

    I went to and it said sumthin like this under name address
    is this it?
    then it asks to set up proxies
    I have no clue on how to find these or configure these so I leave them blank.

    Sorry for asking so many questions but I hate windows and wanna learn linux but its hard without an internet connection in linux. Any input would be appreciated and thanks for whoever actually read my whole post.

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    1) Choose LAN
    2) Choose DHCP
    3) No
    4) Auto-IP (this *should* be checked already)
    5) Set your hostname to whatever you want it to be. This is basically the name of your computer.
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