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    Cursor doesn't change properly

    Hi there ppl,

    From a week now I've tried to change the cursor properly in mandriva 2009 gnome (one edition).
    What do I mean with properly? Simple, I've installed the wished cursor in the /usr/share/icon folder (where the default and the other ones are).
    After I've extracted it in the correct place, I go to the preferences window for cursors.
    Select it and what happens is, inside some window the cursor is the one I've selected, and out of the windows (in other words, on the desktop) it displays the default one!
    Sometimes it eventually changes to the selected one, but sometimes it just not display it at all (and some actions are from the selected cursor, like the loading action).
    After I've tried with the other cursors that are in the system by default, they just behave exactly the same way!

    So the question is: what I am missing here? A bug? A configuration?

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    Create a file at /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme

    Edit it to contain the following:
    [Icon Theme]
    Inherits=<name of icon theme>

    Restart X server.

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    thanks reed!
    Worked like a charm! (the default was already there, and once I asked myself about this solution, but have n idea why I didn't did it xD).
    But I guess this shouldn't happen, the options should be saved properly....

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