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    not able tto login

    i have installed Mandriva 2009.1 in my laptop
    after some usage when i enterr my username and password it showed me following message
    "a critical error has occured
    plz look at KDM's logfile
    for more info or contact ur system administrator"

    plz tell me how this can be cured its really urgent.........
    and important...........

    thanx in advance

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    I don't know if Mandriva lets you do this, but control+ alt+backspace, will break you out of the graphical login (kdm) and back to the cli, where you will likely be abe to log in without the garphics.

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    When the same had happened to me, I just restarted the system and everything worked fine!!
    But not to forget to mention, it happens quite often!!!

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    The manual for KDE
    When kdm starts up, it reads its configuration from the folder $KDEDIR/share/config/kdm/ (this may be /etc/kde3/kdm/ or something else on your system) The main configuration file is kdmrc.
    So if you ran from the cli a
     find / | grep -i   kde3/kdm/
    and watch the terminal spit up the path to the $KDEDIR. Then, if you look in KDM, there is probably a log file that tells you why KDM is crashing. Then, you could look in this mysterious "kdmrc " file they are reffering too and fix the problem.
    That way, when your old lady asks you. " Is your computer still broken?"
    You can look her in the eyes and say..." Naww baby, I fixed that."
    and she'll think..."God! What a stud"

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