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    installing lilo on a linux root partition

    I want to get rid of the mandrake 9.2 bootloading menu and just use windows when I decide to load linux (which isn't but a few times a week). I uninstall lilo from the MBR using lilo -u /dev/hda

    I modify my lilo.conf to reflect /dev/hdb5 (which is where linux is located) but now I can't figure out how to install lilo to /dev/hdb5 ?

    this is more less the tutorial I am following

    Everything worked fine the first time I ran through but when I tried to boot through the NTLDR, I selected Mandrake 9.2 and nothing happened. I am quite sure I didn't install lilo to the root linux directory correctly.

    and to clear it up, my question is after removing lilo from /dev/hda how do I install it to a new partition? that partition being /dev/hdb5

    any help would be much appreciated

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    since it's been a little while since your post and no responses yet i'll indirectly answer your question by recommending you use the GAG bootloader:

    it's easy to install (from a boot floppy) and usually has no problems recognizing and setting up OSes to boot. tell me if it works.

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