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    MandrakeClub DVD iso

    where can i get this iso other than mandrake website, i have no pennies to spend on mandrake club ,i am so poor please any feedback will be great.
    MandrakeClub DVD iso free of charge please helppppppppppppppp??????????????????????????????

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    This DVD is only available to MandrakeClub members. It is not available as an ISO to download.
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    "7. I am a Mandrakeclub Member. Can I distribute "Power Pack", "Power Pack+", "Mandrakemove", "AMD64 Edition" or "Power Pack DVD Edition" Mandrakelinux versions that I downloaded as a Member of Mandrakeclub?

    No. These products contain third party software which are covered by proprietary licenses and are thus not redistributable. Additionally, these are premium products offered to Club members as a reward for supporting our development work. Thus, they are not intended to be freely distributed. However, if you wish to become a Mandrakesoft distributor, we would gladly welcome you as a Mandrakesoft Partner and establish a win/win agreement. See our Partner Page. "


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    just a quiestion?

    would it be worth to become a mandrakeclub member, i've been in their mandrakesoft site and they want to charge you for a full year, that is kinda odd, in order to gain acces to priviliges isos you rather be a silver or gold member i donnu if the standar version will grant me acces to all priorities ftp, i see in linuxcentral that they sell the comunity 10.1 on 5 cds.
    i wonder are there any mirrors that they havent been release to the public, like cd 4 and cd 5. i clearly understand the iso dvd is only to members, it would be the iso of cd 4 and 5 only to members as well?.
    what would be my best shot?.
    if there is a mirror aviablre please e mail me at
    thank you all.

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    I agree with the way Mandrake is doing. They do a great job with this distro and they need money to do it. So either you don't want to spend a penny and you have only the standard download edition and you can install proprietary stuff in a few hour (java, nvidia drivers, acrobat, fllash, ...) or you use the powerpack edition but you buy it (very cheap in fact compared with same kind of product from other company (MS Windows Server Small Bussiness server and MS Office cost a lot more !!)
    The DVD is on Mandrake store for only $ 59.99 or from Mandrakeclub.
    They are currently working with bank to make monthly paiement possible for the club.
    If you buy CD or DVD elsewhere on the net, you give money to CD duplicator people and *NOT* to Mandrake who is doing this great distro !!!

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