Title Lilo issues on Mandrake 10.0 with SATA promise raid
Architecture X86
MandrakeLinux Version Mandrake Linux 10.0 (Official)
Subcategory Installation
Question text Some basic information about my system.

Dell poweredge 400sc server
Promise fasttrak s150 tx2 raid controller
two disks which I see as sda and sdb.
installed /boot as raid1 towards the beginning of each drive. Symmetric
installed rest as raid0, symmetric partitions again.

Installed mandrake, but lilo wont work. Always get L 01 01 01 or L 99 99 99
errors. \"invalid disk command\" or \"second stage load failed\"

Read many howto\'s and any other incident google threw my way.

1) I have tried raid-extra-boot option. No L 99 99 uck
2) Tried the raid+lilo+howto. Cant use the disk/partition/bios options, since
lilo v22 is bundled with the install cd\'s (or that is the reason I think)
3) tried linear and lba32 modes, to prevent disk geometry issues.
4) put my /boot right in the beginning of the drives
5) tried copying the mbr to each drives first sector using dd, and also
copying to my /boot. No luck
6) tried copying boot sector of /boot partition to windoze, and using it as
second boot option.

Other than trying to make a bootable cd or use loadlin, I have pretty much
exhausted every means for a clean solution to my problems. mebbe grub will do
better, but I have seen no indication of such a thing, in my google\'ing hunts
for more information.

If I could see a kernel panic during boot, I would be a happy man right now.
Alas it never gets that far.

Any suggestions about why lilo wont get pass the 1st stage would be very
helpful. I\'m seriously considering editing the mbr manually. and reading the
boot sector on my /boot. (not a good idea)