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    Networking Problem

    I am having problems getting another computer to share my internet connection. I was advised to install Firestarter and did. I have got the firewall running and can access internet fine from this box. I used Mandrakelinux Control centre to share internet connection with the other machine. I also configured Firestarter to be able to share the internet connection with other networking machines. There are no problems on the main machine. Everything is reported up and okay and works.
    However the other machine can not seem to connect to the internet. I configured it to use my main boxs IP address as its gateway. It reports that the network is up but in Mandrake Control Centre it reports that internet access is not connected. When I try to connect it, it manages to send packets but can not recieve anything. I have given the machine that connects through my main box, a similar IP address to the main box but rather than .192. The subnet mask is and the default gateway on the machine that connects through main machine is the same as the IP address of my main box. Should the default gateway be the address of the DHCP server?
    Please help as this problem is stressing me out. Thanks in advance.

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    Mandrake's ICS uses Shorewall as a front end to IPTables. It sets up everything to go through Squid as a transpartent proxy. If this is the setup you want to use, then you have to manually edit every browser you're using to point to the correct port and gateway. That's why I recommened FireStarter. It allows you to use ICS the old way Mandrake uses to, ie. not as a proxy. It's not nearly as powerful as Shorewall.

    You don't use both together. Go into MCC and disable the ICS and firewall. Then fire up FireStarter ( ) and go through the steps in the wizard.

    Let us know how that works,
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