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    trouble with Mandrake 10 on a Dell Dimension 2400

    Good morning all, hopefully one of you can help me with a problem I am having with a Mandrake 10 install that I am having. It is a standard Dell Dimension 2400 tower with a celeron 2.2 and a Dell 773c monitor. It has an Intel onboard graphics card. (Not sure what model). I picked this computer up at a yard sale, wiped XP off of it, and have actually tried several flavors of linux on it. The computer didn't like some of the distros at all (seems like the 2400 has that problem, according to some things I have since read online) however Mandrake 10 seemed to go without a hitch except for one problem, monitor resolution. It seems to be stuck at 640 x 480 and won't budge. I am fairly new to linux, so could some one help me or be able to walk me through what I need to do to resolve this. Thanks

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    OK, I think that the onboard graphics card you have is supported by Xorg as i belive is the X -server that is included in Mandrake 10.
    The driver for your card, according to what I've read on the internet should be i810.
    So you can try to edit your /etc/xorg.conf so that in your graphics-card section you have the following line:
    Driver "i810"

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    Why wouldn't the driver be picked up by X on the install?
    The driver for your card, according to what I've read on the internet should be i810.
    I have an Nvidea card that I was going to put into my Dell Optiplex GX 400 w/ 1.4 mhz and 512MB ram but all this stuff about problems with NVIDEA has me nervous. I' don't have the skills to go tinkering with driver software.

    Is there anything I have to look out for?

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    MDK 10.0 uses XFree, they didn't switch to until 10.1.

    Is your card an i810? Both Xfree and have support for these cards and it should have been autodetected. Did run X config as the last step of installation?

    The installation of nVidia drivers is fairly straight forward and very well documented. You should give it a try.

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