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    Installing Mandrake 10.0 Please help!

    When i install mandrake 10.0 it gets to the boot screen (the one past the 'Press enter to install' screen) and it freezes when it gets to 'mice' i removed the mouse but it stll didnt work. Any ideas?

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    try to install it not using graphical installer..... it helped me once

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    have you tried a different mouse??

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    There is a few things you can try.

    1) try going to the kernel messages screen <Ctrl> <Alt> F4 or F3 There will always be a suggestion/message telling you what is going wrong. Try fixing that or post here

    2) Some people had similar problems and solved it by pressing F1 insted of Enter for the first install screen. Then you can type Linux noapic noalpic. That disable power maangement, and might just sove your problem

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    nope still doesnt work. now it goes up to 'vga adapter'. This is before the 'mice' part! Any ideas?
    BTW Thanks for the replies.

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    it loads up 2 files from the floppy disc. Is this normal?
    Are they normally loaded from the cd or are there more than 2 files?
    The initial progress bar (on the Press f1 or enter screen) goes about halfway then tries to load. It then freezes. When it is a txt set up, it freezes, but the cursor still blinks?!?!?!?

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    are you sure it freezes or is it possible that the problem could be you're mouse and keyboard aren't working proparly

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    no they work fine. thanks for the reply

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    What kind of system are you running? Can you give us the specs (make, model, chip, RAM, etc...)?

    Also, I've heard about errors with lg-cdroms and Mandrake 10.0. Please look here to see if these match your problems:

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    Packard Bell Spirit. I have seen other people have had errors with this pc installing New Linux versions. Other linux versions didnt work either. Anyone know how to fix it or a download site for older versions?

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