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    I dont know if this was really for mandriva linux help subforum,but I posted here because I use Mandriva Linux 2009.1
    Here is my problem.I have a slow CPU,a Celeron 440 2 Ghz overclocked at 2.6 Ghz.My video card is also slow(geforce 8500 gt) and I have 2 Gb of RAM.But even if this sistem isnt all too great,I was able to play on windows call of duty 4 at 1024X768 with details high/medium and left 4 dead at 1280X1024 with all details high.I have overclocked my video card,so it was a litle better.And it also has a larger amount of memory and higher speeds from the production line,so its faster then most 8500s.Anyway,my problem is that when I try to run these games on wine,they run like crap.I only have 12 fps with call of duty 4 at 640X480 all low,and only 27 fps at left4dead on 640X480 with all low.There are games that run ok,but they are older.
    Do you think that the problems that I have with games its because of my cpu?Maybe wine is using a lot of cpu power?And if I will buy cedega,will this be fixed or will I need a higher cpu also?

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    Have you got the correct drivers installed for your nVidia card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtomrodney View Post
    Have you got the correct drivers installed for your nVidia card?
    Yes.I also installed them myself,just to be sure.But its the same think,regardless if I install the manually or use rpmdrake.

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    The main thing is your CPU is not powerful, Celerons have less cache compared to other processor range.
    Your graphics card and ram isn't bad for those games.

    Second thing - Rendering method, Shader Detail, Texture Resolution and Shadow Detail will affect FPS more than resolution.

    Wine doesn't make huge difference on system resources, it run some games better than Windows (COD4 is also known one of them). but Cedega will definitely put more load on your computer...

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