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    Cube. Independent Sides of the cube

    Hey Guys,

    Do you know, if it's possible to to set the backgrounds and/or visible plasmoids independently for different sides of the cube? I'd very much like to have a work side, entertaining side, info side, etc.

    i don't know how to do it for different desktops either, so if any comments on this topic are very much appreciated!

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    I'm not sure about whether it will work with the cube but there is a fairly well hidden feature in KDE4 called "activities" which may suit your needs. If you unlock the widgets, go to the "cashew" in the top right of the desktop and "zoom out" you should have the option to add an activity.

    This allows you to have different wallpaper and different desktop widgets to suit your work / play / other activity. I don't use them but I'm sure you could activate a hotkey to switch between them.

    Let us know how you go with then and add a screenshot if you get the chance. I'm always interested in how users setup there desktops.

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    That's certainly a great suggestion! I somehow forgot all about this activity business... Perhaps because the shortcuts for the activities are not working on the latest version of KDE 4.2 (after your post I found plenty of reports about the problems with the shortcuts, which seems to be a rather complicated problem at the moment). Which is quite a pity, since the idea to introduce the fully customizable activities is indeed brilliant! I'll probably wait, until the new KDE version comes out, hopefully without these unfortunate bugs, before starting using the activities though.

    I'll be glad to post the way my desktop looks as soon as I'll start using them. Maybe with a new thread !

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