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    Running windows programs in Madrake 10

    Online I have seen people talking about running windows Apps in Linux. Is this even possible? How would you even attempt something like this?

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    There are several options you can use that are propietary... WineX and Crossover Office are two. There are others as well, but these cost $$$.

    If you want a free (as in freedom) way to run win on lin, check out wine at

    Good luck!
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    I have the crossover pro executable file in my windows xp system. I have no idea how to install it on my Mandrake linux system????

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    well, it's much easier if you download that desired package onto your linux system.
    There, you can install [just remember to be on root on that] it.

    Personally, I would recommend to use native linux programs instead of windows ones. It will be much easier in the long run to do that, and plus it will get you to be more acclimated to linux much easier and more quickly.

    If you don't know what linux programs to use for replacements of windows - check out

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    wine is pretty good.

    I actually managed to run photoshop 7.0 on mdk 10.1 using wine. pretty amazing. gta vice city also runs....but too slow to enjoy the game.

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    If you want to run Windows games on Linux, try Cedega (formerly WineX), it's more suited for running games than Wine. However, it costs mucho dinero to get.

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