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    Installing pcsclite 1.5.4 on Mandriva 2009.1


    I have just installed Mandriva 2009.1 One KDE, and it seems like pcsclite 1.5.2 is installed by default. I downloaded 1.5.4, built it and tried to install it after uninstalling 1.5.2, however even though the install was successful, the usbdropdir of /usr/local/pcsc/drivers doesn't seem to be created, and pcscd therefore exits with a failure.

    What gives?

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    This is pretty typical when you compile stuff from source. Since every distro differs slightly in where they put & configure stuff, you do have to some manual tweaking.

    In your case, is it just simple a directory isn't created? Create it yourself, then see what happens. It normally isn't so simple, but great if it is.

    Instead of compiling from source, I'd normally go find out who's the package maintainer & try to get him to package the version I need & put it in the backports repository. Getting really lazy to compile stuff myself.

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    The weird thing is that the pcsclite source installs /usr/local, and expects the ccid usb drivers to be at /usr/local/pcsc/drivers. However, the ccid source and ifd-egate source(to support cryptoflex e-gate tokens) actually install to /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers. You would think that coming from the same author, they .configure would take care of it, but no.

    I've run the configure files with the correct options, pointing them to the same consistent directory and then ran the resulting Makefiles and they install and run well. However, the ifd-egate driver still doesn't work. It works with the default Mandriva pcsclite package, but that's an older version that runs using libhal and I wanna run it on libusb instead...

    Still trying to figure out how to get ifd-egate to work...this one doesn't have an rpm either.

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