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    mandriva-linux-one-2009.1-KDE4 is not starting

    hello everyone

    today early morning i download

    i burn it to cd and boot computer from this cd.

    there appera two options mandriva live cd 2009 spring.
    2.boot from harddisk.

    i choose 1.

    after all the processing (configuration)

    i not seen any GUI.there is just a black screen and a mouse pointer.

    i wait 15 to 30 minutes but mandriva was not start.

    i never use mandriva in past.
    so i am not know what is look and feel of it.
    after this insidence i am unable to feel the mandriva enviornment.
    it is a bad day for me i spent all my time in it and not found any result.
    please help me.

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    There are a couple of possibilites for this:
    1. Maybe the iso was imcomplete or corrupt.
    2. It might have hung for some reason while starting the GUI. I've had this problem with some ATI video cards. Can you post your HW specs?
    3. You might try some of the options available at the boot menu. Such as nolapic.

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    thanks man

    my hardware
    pentium(r) 4 cpu 2.40ghz and 256mb of ram

    i choose all the boot option but it not work for me.

    can i install mandriva from this live cd?

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    Blackfooted Penguin daark.child's Avatar
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    Your problems could also be a result of only having 256MB of RAM. If its an option, try the disc on a different computer and see if it works.

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    thanks dark child

    there is some error messege comes
    dev/sr0 one 20091.kde
    splashy error: connection refuse
    tomoyolinux mandatory access denied
    you need to install css-too if you want to enable it.
    these message are comming on configuration time.
    and after completing configuration
    a black screen and a mouse pointer is appear.

    please help

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    You didn't mention what video card you've got. Anyway, daark.child got it right. 256MB of RAM is not enuf to run the LiveCD, It's recommended to have at least 512MB. (LiveCDs need to run completely in RAM)

    KDE4 & GNOME are pretty heavyweight & needs > 512MB to run smoothly.
    In your case unless you can upgrade the RAM, you are better off with a lighter weight desktop such as LXDE or XFCE. If you wanna install these with Mandriva, You'll need to download the 'Mandriva Free DVD' that will allow you to choose the desktop environment during installation. (Choose the lightweight option)

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