I just purchased an Acer Timeline 3810T, the 6415 model. It comes with Vista but I want to install Mandriva on it.
I have had a lot of problems. In the past I've installed Mandriva on VMWare machines on a Mac, Acer Aspire One Netbooks, ASUS eeePC's, and MSI Wind's and never had an issue until now.
First, when I do the install I choose the KDE desktop and after the install is complete and I restart it offers to install extra mediums.
After doing that it gives an error:
Unable to import pubkey file of "Non-Free (Office 2009.1-45)"

I don't know if this is an issue but then it prompts me to install 4 updates:

Then after this update it says:
The installation is finished. everthing was installed correctly.
Some configuration files were created as 'rpmnew' or 'rpmsave'.
You may now inspect some in order to take actions.
It listed the file:
rpm-4.6.0-2.1mnb2;/etc/rpm/aacros (Inspect)

When I select to Inspect it gives 3 options:
-remove rpmnew
-use rpmnew as main file
-do nothing.

I have tried all 3 options but everything I rebooted it would not work.

The first few times I did this I would restart after this set of updates and it would not restart. It would start like normal and then go into a black screen and then a light grey screen and that's it, it never went further.

I don't now what's going on but now I am able to restart but then I get a large set of additional items to update. I do that and do the next restart.
Once again it restarts but this top goes to a black screen with the cursor blinking at the upper left but goes no farther.

I am puzzled because I have never had an issue installing Mandriva and it simply won't start after updates are installed. I don't know if one specific update is causing a problem and why. This is a very new model computer but I don't see why it would cause this issue.

Any idea of how I can find out what's causing this?