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Thread: print shareing

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    print shareing

    my Mandriva 2008.1 Spring was plugged into ether net but now is wireless. be fore i could set up printing with my other wireless computers using


    worked perfect. now my main box is also wireless and none of the print sharing works. did my ip address change? if so how do i get to it to see what it is. please help. printing for school.

    many thanks in advance


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    Are running DHCP... that is, letting your router decide what IP each machine has? Or are the machines set up with their own static IPs... that is, each machine telling the router which IP it is to have? I can see how your router would keep assigning your print server the same IP if DHCP and then giving it another IP when wireless is introduced. Is the print server set up with CUPS print server? If so, open the CUPS configuration utility by typing:
    into the browser address window of the print server machine. Look under "Administration" and check the box next to "Share published printers connected to this system." Then, from the client machine(s) you should have your print server as a choice when configuring printing from the separate clients. Hope this helps...
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    printing adminitrator

    Ok the print program has share all printers. i think all i need it to find out my ip address. i am using DHCP i am sure. thanks for the help

    thank you Bower

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    To get ip address, open aterminal and type the command:

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