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    Should I and how to use Mandriva Beta?

    If I'm correct there's a beta version of Mandriva 2010 being released on the 20th.
    Unfortunately I'm having a lot of issues with Mandriva 2009.1 on my system. Since it's an Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T using the Intel GMA4500 processor I think it could be Intel related.
    Unfortunately I'm having some type of issue at bootup even before login where menus don't appear correctly. For example I can click on the icon to select desktop and at times it will display fine and other times I bootup it will have to be clicked on several times to finally appear and then only appears for a flash and disappears. I have the same issue after login with the start (star) menu, etc.
    I am hoping that maybe the newer Kernel after 2.6.30 will fix it or even KDE 4.3. I've never tried using beta software before but am at the point I'm almost ready to give up on Mandriva and go with something such as OpenSUSE.
    How would I go about using 2010? Would I have a lot of problems using Beta software? How do I go about installing it as a fresh install or either upgrading my 2009.1 to 2010 beta?

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    Beta software is generally for people that want to test it and report any remaining bugs to the developers. You may or may not have problems running it, but some features are almost certain not to work properly, or be fully implemented. The newer kernel might solve some issues for you, or introduce new ones.

    I'd try it since it's free because you can always go back to the prior release. I'm not a fan of upgrades, so I'd personally recommend a fresh install. That way you isolate any issues between the two releases.

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