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    Two more newbie questions.

    I installed the latest version of Mandriva and had no problems at all except I can't figure out how I create a desktop icon for my cd drive. My second issue is I can't seem to figure out how to install a burning program either (or any program). I've downloaded the program but have no idea how to install it. Any links that walk you through it?

    Also, I know the drive works since I can play audio CD's.


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    Welcome to the forums!

    You can usually create an icon on the desktop by right-clicking on the desktop. If you are running KDE4, you'll have to enable the desktop folder in order to create an icon on it.

    Applications usually install best under Mandriva when using URPMI:

    Easy Urpmi

    Check this wiki page for more info on installing software, too:

    Installing and removing software - Mandriva Community Wiki

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    Mandriva documentation is not the greatest, but here you are:
    Installing and removing software - Mandriva Community Wiki

    In linux, you almost never go searching the web for software. For a variety of reasons, you should pretty much always use your package manager to install software.

    One thing you may want to do is add a couple of extra repositories. Look here for that:
    Easy Urpmi

    For your cd drive and burning software, I'm fairly sure they have a cd burner installed by default. Do you know if you're using the GNOME or KDE version of Mandriva? Look for a program called Brasero in GNOME or K3b in KDE.

    In GNOME, you will only get a desktop icon for your drive when you insert a disc. In KDE4, I don't think you get a desktop icon, they have a media manager plasmoid you can add to the panel or desktop.

    EDIT: And Ozar beats me to the punch.

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