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    Port Forwarding Mandriva


    I use ECHOLINK a windows program (ham radio VOIP) in conjunction with WINE (Not a windows emulator) on the 2009 edition of MANDRIVA.
    The software works perfectly, but for some reason I cannot port forward mandriva.
    I have both turned off the firewall altogether and also tried to specify the actual UCD and TCP ports to allow access, neither has worked.

    I have also set the router to allow these ports also, but the port checker I use (from ECHOLINK) says that the ports are not open or even contactable.

    any thoughts?

    I have a satellite connection and use the router to allow my voip phone to connect with teh modem as well.


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    Scratch that, when I take the router out of the equation everything works perfectly...
    Do I need to do something to get mandriva to communicate differently with the router??

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    If it works without the router then the router/firewall is what needs to have ports forwarded on. Every router/firewall is different. You'll need to make sure your Linux install has a hard coded IP and then have the router forward all needed Ports from the Internet to that IP. If it doesn't work then you may not be forwarding the correct or complete list of ports and/or protocols. With the router/firewall protecting your Linux box from the Internet it would probably be better if you turn off the firewall on Linux to make sure that it isn't blocking something that needs to be open. Once you've got it working with the router/firewall you can then move on to lock down you Linux firewall.

    Make sense?
    Rois Cannon

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    Thanks for that

    I am waiting for my provider to get back to me as my router doesnt have the generic user name and password.

    All though I have set up the required ports on the router, I cant help but wonder if there is something further to be done inside the locked admin area of the router.

    Fingers crossed they hurry up and get back to me.
    thanks for your help


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