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    dvd writer not recognized

    i did an upgrade from 2008.1 to 2010 and now my dvd writer doesn't work. i can't even open the tray. i have tried by option in kb3 to eject as well as the button on the drive itself. any ideas would be helpful thanks allot.


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    Boot up. Press the button when you can see the light flickering. This worked in Fedora 11.

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    yes that works but....

    that does work but once the computer is booted fully it doesn't work anymore.

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    Crunch! We'll have to live with it till we find a solution. At least you're not completely helpless.

    Funny thing though, my disc does not do it much anymore. It seems Fedora has taught itself something. Or it is something that has to be " hooked" by repetition. You may have seen that a big spreadsheet takes some time to respond quickly right after opening it. This is seen
    when you edit things.

    This happens because it takes some time for everything to be loaded. Later edits in the same fields will react faster since all the data and stacks etc are already loaded. The householding is then complete and only the calculation is done.

    Saving then updates everything. It can be seen especially in the effect critical fields have on the program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bower View Post
    that does work but once the computer is booted fully it doesn't work anymore.
    It's always better to give a try to another distro, before you get much too angry!
    If you need a CD/DVD catalogizer, give a try to my program:
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    Hate to ask this, but did you mount it? This is one of those "checking the battery" things.

    By the numbers you use (2008.1/2010) I assume you are talking about Gentoo, right? If so, you should look at the way the emerge package manager works. Gentoo has great and precise flexibility, yet this leaves you open to the issue of dependencies.

    Is the DVD part of the software fully installed? The site has massive documentation.

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    I they they are referring to an upgrade from Mandriva 2008.1 to Mandriva 2010, this being the Mandriva forums and all.

    I would do a clean install. Doing such a large upgrade can be problematic.

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    Smile clean install

    Thanks for replying. i will try and do that. thanks again.


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    Had no idea, picked up the thread from the no reply index. Thanks reed9.

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    Is the module loaded at least ?

    lsmod | grep sr_mod

    It it is not loaded, try to insert it :

    modprobe sr_mod

    Check then if a device node has been created for it :

    ls -l /dev/sr0

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