I just decide to try out Mandrake. Pretty new to linux.

I chose the 64bit version, as I have an AMD 3200 64 BIT Athlon.

I get to the last part of the install, where you get to configure your soundcard and video and set the screen resolution. Well I selected NVIDIA FX ( I have the Nvidia Fx 440 Go video card installed on HP laptop) and I took a low resolution something like 1024x something@60 refresh rate.

Well it had the nifty "Test' button there, so I said, "What the heck let me try it o make sure it will run". Well the screen goes all Rainbow-of-fruit-flavors on me...so I check the NO button on the keep this setting box...and WHAM the screen REALLY scrambles. So at this point Im F*&%^ because I cant make it stop...my only choice is to hard shutdown the system. Bad Ju ju.

Is there a way to mabey fix this by making some ModeLines on my XF86Config file? I viewed that file and it onlly has like 8 lines of code written into it. All the other XF86COnfig files I have looked at (not many) had a nice chunk of code 100+ lines...mabey alittle less.

Here is the full specks on my system
AMD 64bit 3200+ Athlon
Nvidia 64meg 440 go Video Card
80 Gig HDD
512 Megs of Ram

Any help or advice would be appreciated