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    server abi 1 dose not match server 2

    hello i have tryd to fix this meself but have failed .so is bout time i ask those in the know .
    i am afraid i do not know my distro
    the kernel i am running at present is tex5 =i685 .it used to be =i586.mandriver .

    kernel runs through with some errors .panics and throws me into shell

    tools i have at use are floppy. internet i think .no cd rom so can not use rescue disk.

    the kernels i think are part of problem .but error i am asking about is as follows

    ee module abi major version 1 dose not match servers version 2
    ee faild to load modual v41
    modual requiment missmatch 0
    xf drake
    any idears ,thankyou

    regards colin

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    It looks like PCLinuxOS. From what you describe, seems you have installed an older kernel (possibly only partially). Do you remember what caused this?

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    thank you for your reply ongt
    afraid i do not know specificlly .down loaded through synaptic.kde than crashed .
    if i closed it down at mains i dout i would have this problem.

    sa la ve
    regards colin

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    It'll be hard to figure out what happened. Can the system still boot into a console at least?

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    chears ongte for taking the time

    there is about seven errors on the scroll down. failed host name but picks up local host when attached to etho ,modem.
    tc flush and avirha failed but i think thease are minor.
    throws me in to shell at post fix .
    can log in but no screen
    can do apt-get but do not know what i am looking for.

    i think though i am uesing my memory st avahi damion tm reached while waiting for return value damion process. then panicks and throws me into shell'

    regards colin

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    hello ,more information .this is what happens at start up as fast as i can wright.

    unable to acess resume hda2
    canot open proc/suppend
    local host init/d failed
    host name 854 pool command not found
    entering run level 5
    enabling laptop not active but ok
    tc flush bad file description
    start up npd failed retern value aviah damion timed out waiting not received

    this is my log in screen

    pc linux os release (pclinuxos)for i586
    kernel 2 6 18 8 tex5 on an i686/tty 1

    none becomes host when attached to etho regards colin

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    Lets first look at this:

    "The kernel i am running at present is tex5 =i685 .it used to be =i586.mandriver"

    Appears you downgraded the kernel to an older version. Why? Was it intentional? How about we switch back to using ?

    If the files are still there, you can do this by editing /etc/grub/menu.lst

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    happy new year thanks again
    that would be sooo great intentional no .i was trying to get sound from web and ended up in this mess.
    at the moment i am trying with another hard drive a partion floppy .to see if i can get my cd rom to pick up linux disk .
    but will def give your suggestion a go .though i think my menu 1st has not much in it.will let you know
    regards colin

    more info ,linuxversion 2 6 18 8 tex5 vaughan@localhost gcc version 4.1.1 20060724 prerelease 4.1.1-4pch 0s 2007#1 smp thurs may 10.11.36. 58 west 2007

    what ever that means

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    hi this is as close as i could get .command nano/boot/grub/menu.lst
    data as follows

    timout 10
    gfx hd0,0 use share gfx boot theams pcl linux

    title linux
    kernel hdo,o /boot/vilumz/boot image=linux root=devhda1resume=dev hda2 spalsh =silent vga=788

    tital linux -nonfb
    kernel hdo,o boot vilumuz boot image=linux nonfeb =root devha1 resume= dev hda2 initid hdo,o boot

    tital failsafe
    kernel hdo,o boot vilumz boot image= failsafe root=dev/hda1 failsafe acpi=on resume =/dev/hda2 initid hdo,o/boot intird .img

    regards colin

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    hello ongte don't know if your still around to help but i thought i better up date just in case your away reserching problem .problems changed i have done somthing else .
    and now start up freezes near begining .at the point of udev and entering run level 5 . in out line i upgraded kernel.
    regards colin

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