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    Many thanks for the advice Coopstah13. I downloaded PartedMagic and it shows both drives. All I need now is the time to do the repartitioning.

    With 300Gb Free on the C drive what advice do you give on the rezized C drive for Win7? As I will not be using Win7 that much, I was thinking of leaving, say, 100Gb for Windows.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lovejoy View Post
    I've never used windows 7 but in vista if you go to control panel, administrative tools, computer management then click on disk management in the left panel it will bring up a list of drives.
    right click on the c:\drive or whatever ( make sure it isn't the recovery or any external drives ) and it lets you shrink the drive, it should be the same in win 7
    All the usual caveats apply eg: backup all data, I'm not responsible if anything goes etc
    SEAGATE drive 7200.12 Barracuda family.


    Well, I used PartedMagic to repartition the C drive into 100Gb for Win7 and the rest, 230Gb, for Mandriva. The partitioning went well. However, On rebooting into Windows up came a message saying that Win7 had to be reinstalled. After the resulting repartitioning I was back to the original situation of getting the BootLogo file being too large and thazt Mdv 2010 is unable to read the drive. There is in fact a Drive C and D (RAID) on the same HD, each 350Gb in size making 750Gb in total.

    Perhaps turning off the RAID might help.

    Anymore thoughts everyone???


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    you shouldn't use a raid on 1 hd, it just makes no sense, the D in raid stands for disks plural, all you are doing is slowing down your disk access by having a one disk raid

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