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    KDE application slow to open on Mdk

    Hi everybody,
    I've seen this problem many times on Mdk installations (both with 9.2 and 10.0 / both on laptops (sony vajo, acer tm 800, acer tm 290) or workstation).

    The problem is that when I open an application with a mouse click it takes a lot to really open it. With ps aux I can see the process, but many times it takes about 5 minutes for the window to open!!! The programs giving me this problem are: konqueror(also as file manager), kate, kwrite, openoffice and some others

    I also happens that sometimes konqueror freezes for some minutes when I write in any form (both in the page and in the navigation bar!). In mdk 9.2 I got this problem also with mozilla! Now I use mdk 10.0 and with firefox it's ok.

    Checking memory and cpu usage tells that's enough memory...

    I searched everywhere but still I can't find out anything helping me...

    What could it be?

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    i think the pc speed depends on power of prcessor and RAM,and linux grphics may be need more powerfull precessors and RAM space.

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    I found that the problem is that I didn't configure my /etc/hosts...

    My problem is that I always change IP and tipe of connection... I should make a script like this:
    ifconfig $INTERFACE down
    ifconfig $INTERFACE $MYIP netmask $NETMASK broadcast $BROADCAST
    route add default gw $GATEWAY
    # Configuring /etc/resolv.conf
    echo "search $DOMAIN" > /etc/resolv.conf
    echo "nameserver $GATEWAY" >> /etc/resolv.conf
    # Configuring /etc/hosts
    echo " localhost" > /etc/hosts
    echo "$GATEWAY server.$DOMAIN server" >> /etc/hosts
    echo "$MYIP laptop.$DOMAIN laptop" >> /etc/hosts
    And this way it works but my problem now is:
    1. I always change IP and type of connecition (DHCP, adsl, modem, WLAN, ...)
    2. If I make a script I should launch it as root... And I'm always loosing a lot of time for manual configuration...

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