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    stuck at login "[root@localhost root]#"

    so i installed mandrake linux on my pc. i didnt set a password. once the installation is complete and the computer boots a screen comes up saying:

    "Mandrakelinux relese 10.1 (community) for i586
    Kernel on and i686 / tty1
    localhost login:"

    at this point i type "root" as the login and hit enter. now comes the problem, i get a new this that says: "[root@localhost root]#" now i have no idea what i am supposed to type here. all of this seems to be takin place in a dos like environment.

    i only got into linux a couple of days ago so im very new, what steps am i supposed to take from here to accress the windows like graphical environment? by the way i did i full install from the 3 install cd's. thanks

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    first of all set a root password. while logged in as root:
    then add a user.
    logout root and login as user. see what happens when you do this logged in as the new user.
    a full install of mandrake if configured properly shouldn't put you into a prompt like that. did you go through a post-install and everything?

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    Don't forget to set the user's password with the 'passwd username' command after you create the new user.
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    "[root@localhost root]#"

    after a create and confirm a password for the root. i go back to teh "[root@localhost root]#" prompt. there i type "adduser". once i do this i get this:
    "usage: adduser [-u uid [-o]] [-g group] [-G Group,...]
    what am i suppoed to do here?

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    adduser username

    where username is the user you're gonna create.

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    i went through a full install as in a followed the installation directions and selected to install the entire package.

    ok so i creater a user name and logged in as the user and typed "startx" and this is what i got"

    xauth: creating new authority file /home/"username"/.Xauthority
    xauth: creating new authority file /home/"username"/.Xauthority

    execve failed for /etc/X11/X (errno 2)
    giving up.
    Xinit: No such file or directory (errno 2)L unable to connect to X server
    XinitL No such process (errno 3): server error.

    when it takes me back to the user prompt.

    and whats a Post Install

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    i'm not really sure what the error messages mean but i recommend running xf86cfg -textmode as root to set up x.

    a post-install meaning after installing all the packages and asking for all the cds, did it setup your network, ask to add users, setup lilo, etc.

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    this didnt work eigther, it wont let me create a file, im starting to think that i didnt install correctley somehow. thanks a lot though.

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    are you running it as root? it may be worth it to reinstall and make sure you get completely through the post-install configuration. mandrake isn't supposed to throw you into a command line like that.

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    do is mandrake supposed to go directley into the gui environment?

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