Hello everybody,

After reading that Mandriva is beautiful and frees your computer at the same time, decided to take a closer look at Mandriva ONE.
Could somebody please send me a txt/script/avi/vodoo chants/whatever is used by chaps who sell Acer Aspire 3660 + Mandriva (hcl.mandriva.com/system2368]Acer Aspire 3660 (9 hosts) ) ?

I installed mandriva-linux-one-2010.0-KDE4-europe1-americas-cdrom-i586.iso on Acer Aspire 3660 laptop (hcl.mandriva.com/system/2368]Acer Aspire 3660 (9 hosts)) on a 16g partition next to Windows XP Pro.
This was after I wasted a week trying to get mandriva-linux-one-2009.1-KDE4-europe2-cdrom-i586.iso to work.
Dual boot is controlled by Acronis Disk Director 10 and doesn't show any problems (deactivated at present).
Started configuring simple things like time, date, language, network cards. Rebooted computer after each change without any problems. I've chosen a username, but not a password. After a few reboots I could not log in under my username, only as xguest.
I did not download any updates/fixes from Mandriva's network because my Atheros AR5005G wireless card is listed as another Atheros model (AR2413) and does not work. Yet Mandriva 2009 identified it correctly. I could enter the correct info in command mode if I knew the code and commands.
The system freezes constantly. When I try to change settings to address ATI problems mentioned in ERRATA, I find the same settings on next reboot.
* created new account but problems remain
* keyboard layout is partially screwed (i=5) although it looks OK in control centre 2010. It works in one session and doesnít after reboot 10 min later. I canít detect any obvious pattern of failures.
* after urpmi --auto-update I get: packages are up to date
* xdriver=free machine doesn't boot
* speedboot=no machine doesn't boot
I can get to my desktop every 5-6 attempt. Even when Iím there the game is up after 4-5 moves as if I had major viral hit on the system.
I was really about to chuck CDs in the bin when I came across the very same machine for sale from Mandrivaís shop. Go figure....
Any expert advice on whether bin or not to bin?