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    A user account with severe usage restrictions


    I've been toying with Mandriva 2010, after five years without using Linux (I'm self-employed, and my work requires several programs that would only run with a native MS-Windows), and I don't find how to create a user with very limited priviledges...

    Could I ask your help ?

    Very simply said, this user account is meant for the babysitter taking care of my kids when my wife and I are having some freedom time outside home.

    I want her user account to be able to :
    - browse the internet (firefox, preinstalled, will do)
    - open a very precise folder (currently, in MS-Windows filesystem, c:\documents and settings\all users\documents\video, this folder is also accessible in Dolphin or Konqueror with Mandriva, I already placed a symlink to the desktop of my testing account)
    - and play the movies present inside this folder (these are movies for my kids)
    And NOTHING else !

    This user account must NOT
    - be able to browse the other partitions (I tried hiding them in Dolphin, but they appear again on demand),
    - be able to browse the other folders of the partition containing the allowed data (currently, in MS-Windows filesystem, c:\documents and settings\all users\documents\video)
    - change desktop settings likely to affect the other user accounts

    Frankly, do you think there is an easy way to create and limit a user account like that ?

    If that's possible, I'm VERY interested, thanks a lot for your help, advice or links, in advance


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    Your target folder is on a Win partition, so you won't be able to restrict access to the other folders of that partition.

    For other partitions that are POSIX compliant, you can restrict access by simply unmounting them, either manually or through scripting, or by limiting access to the whole partitions or to selective folders to some users only.

    In Mandriva 2010, there's a virtual account called xguest. I wiped it off quickly so I can't tell the limitations of this account. You'd better explore.

    If your baby sitter is clever enough, she could reboot your machine with something like Puppy Linux on a USB drive, then it would as naked as a worm !

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