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    Gaining Root capabilities.

    Does anyone know how i could give my basic user login root cabilities?
    I have tried to highlight all folders in the "file:" location and set the ownership to [user]. However after 10 minutes my computer had done nothing so I killed it. I am really getting tired of logging out and logging in again as root when i want to mod something. It really gets annoying waiting for kde to load, even when it doesn't take that long

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    Instead of logging out and logging back in again you could just run a program as root

    K menu > run > options type in the program name you want to run as root and then select run as a different user and give root password

    For instance if you wanted ot edit a root owned file and didnt want to just su and use a console editor you could run a graphical editor as root

    Job done a root owned process running under your normal user login without the risk of having all your processes having superuser level access

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    The most secure way to do this would be to set up sudo. It allows you to specify what users can do what as whom. All you would have to do is execute the command using 'sudo <command>'. Then you enter the user's password and go to town.

    Be advised that sudo can be simple and complex. Its config must be edited with the command visudo. I highly suggest reading the man page on it.
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    ur processor

    the su command

    using su to run each command would get on my nerves, open konsole or whatever and run 'su' enter root u/n and pass, and minimize that konsole window to a different desktop or something. It gives all commands issued after root properties...

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