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    Modem Driver/External HDD probs! (Mandrake 10.0 official)

    Hello all, Greetings!
    I have installed Mandrake Linux 10, with only the first to cd.. using the erase entire disk option maaking my entire 40 gb hdd for linux. now i need help..
    1) it detects my modem under unkonwn devices in the config utitlity, it says ESS Techonology,but no module. While under windwos I have creative modem blaster v9.0 d15655 (something similar) I need to know what driver can i use for my modem in linux, and where can i get it, all help and suggestions welcome. all my other hardware is working fine.
    2) I also have another prob, I tired installing though dual boot, When i click on auto allocate selecting empty space, it says " partition to small" or something similar..
    3)I have an external HDD 120 GB WD it has two NTFS partitions, may me 80 and 40 approx, it detects in the linux as sda or something similar i think there is a ntfs driver for linux ( Mandrake 10) is it available or what can I do to make the OS read the ntfs partitions , is there a possibility that id i try to configure teh data will it get erased as it isnt readable by LINUX..
    5)Could you tell me whats the best media player in linux as compared to winamp in Windows

    Awaiting anyone's early reply thank you.

    Best Regards,

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    First for the modem try going to mplayer, realplayer, xine and so many more. For your dual boot make sure windows what ever is installed first. When you install linux after that click on the empty space and choose auto (or do it right and /mnt thim yourself). For the external hd you might need to mount it first. If you MUST use WINCRAP I suggest installing windows on a partition (NTFS) then create a second partition (FAT32). Then install linux and mount the drive.

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