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    SEAMLESS UPGRADE FROM 10.0 TO 10.1. Possible ?

    I currently have mandrake version 10.0 and i would like to upgrade to 10.1 without having to do a clean install, as i do not want to lose all my settings (you see, i am a newbie).

    Is there anyway to do an upgrade without compromising my system.

    I am particulary attracted to the new version since it support WIFI, bluetooth and laptop features such as STANDBY or HIBERNATE.

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    I've never had a mandrake installation bomb out when upgrading.

    Done 8.2 to 9.0 to and I know people who've done to 10.0.

    Bung in disk, reboot and select upgrade.

    Mind you, there's always a first time
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    Hi photoworks,

    Don't rush. I have done the upgrade and can tell you this - it's probably not worth your time unless you really need it (if you want to use some 'special' soft that only avalable in 10.1).

    Basically on the first glance the system in 10.1 is the same as in 10 but I believe they changed something in the ways it works. As soon as you will upgrade problems will start.

    First and the most likely problem to take place (I saw many posts complaining about it) is that it will take system 5-8 min to start. I believe there is some incompatibility problem that accurse through the loading process and one or more processes time out.

    The second problem you might run into is video errors. Because Mandrake switched to form its usual XFree X-server system.

    Rather than these system will be fine

    However I did also hear of people who didn't have any problems at all and after upgrade everything worked as usual.

    You have to decide it for yourself - whether to take a risk and possibly fail (Way too many reported problems), or stay with 10 which is just next best thing.

    (Mind you that 10.1 comes equipped with KDE 3.3 , Totem movie player, GIMP2 and many more nice goodies )

    Best regards


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    I updated from 10.0 Community to 10.1 Community, with no problem. go for it is u want!

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