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    Help! can ping my wireless router/network but can't surf net


    please be gentle with me, I'm a newb.

    This is on Mandrake 10 community download.

    I am trying to get internet access going in KDE. My Mandrake PC has a Belkin FD7000uk PCI 54g wireless card which talks to a wireless bridge which talks to a WinXP PC via its wireless PCI card which goes via RJ45 to a switch which has the ADSL router plugged in via RJ45. All this works lovely when booting the Mandrake box under a dual-boot WinXP partition. Both PCs can ping each other and surf the net using the ADSL router as a gateway when both run WinXP.

    I want to get the Mandrake PC configured so I can surf the net under KDE and use XMLTV to get listings and not have to dual-boot to WinXP on that PC.

    After googling a lot I managed to configure the wlan0 device to connect to the wireless bridge with ndiswrapper. From the Mandrake PC I can now ping successfully the IP of the wireless bridge, the IP of the WinXP PC and the IP of the ADSL router. I can also open the configuration HTML screens of both my wireless bridge and ADSL router if I http:// to their IP addresses directly in Konqueror. I thought I was home and dry.

    However if I try to surf the internet with Konqueror I get "page not founds" for everything.

    I realise I probably need to do some config to tell Mandrake that it should use wlan0 as the internet connetion. Or maybe I need to put my internet provider's DNS IPs somewhere but I can't find how to do either.

    If I go into "Mandrake Control Centre" and choose "Firewall" there seems to be a step which asks which device is the internet device - I try to use the drop down to say that wlan0 is the device for the internet but it doesn't seem to take, it always goes back to ppp+. I can't seem to find anywhere else to tell Mandrake to use wlan0 for the internet.

    Is there a way of doing this at the bash ?

    I think I got the hard part over with, to get the wireless connection going but now I am so frustrated with this final hurdle.

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    By the way, if I ping my own network IPs I can see network activity on wlan0 in the "Mandrake Control Centre" - "Monitor Connections" screen for wlan0

    But if I try to ping an external IP ( like my Internet Service Provider's DNS machines' IP ) I get an error at the bash prompt:

    "connect: Network is unreachable"

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    I've got it sorted by altering my route table by doing:

    route add -net default gw x.x.x.x ( where x.x.x.x is my adsl router's IP )

    However, I have to do this after every reboot - how can I do a permanent fix for this ?

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